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Welcome to Heart Center Bodywork LLC, located at 110 East Andrews Drive, Suite 207, Atlanta, GA 30305 (Buckhead).

Heart Center Bodywork is the name of my professional practice in the Healing Arts that offers an array of services:  

Subtle Energy Bodywork & Healing, Massage Therapy, USUI Reiki - Master level, Reflexology, Heart Rhythm Meditation Instruction, and Intuitive Readings.

What is different about my approach is my work in subtle energies.  There is much information published today on how pain and tight muscles are not just caused by physical conditions of overused or underused muscles but mainly caused by emotional stress and the major role it plays in keeping pain chronic.  A subtle energy approach applied to massage therapy is the best way to truly help the body release stress at all levels. Subtle energies fall into the category of Energy Medicine/Healing. Working with subtle energies promotes a holistic approach to healing known to address not just the physical body but also the mind, emotions and spirit.  

All my services are known to further connect you to a state of ease and well-being within you, getting results that are tangible and with all the benefits that massage therapy, bodywork, and energy healing has to offer. This is what makes my work unique.  I hope you give it a try.  Thank you for your interest in my services.